Ymer; new Swedish band

After when Vit Legion chose to put the band on ice, so was born the idea from their lead singer ​​JH to create something on his own, and when it turned out that PW in Västerås wanted that JH to create an album in national romantic style, began Ymer slowly but surely emerge and during that time, steered PW course from music to clothes and at this point Midgård stepped in and bought the rights of this new project. The album was almost ready to go to press, it was just a little mixing left that the studio guy wanted to fix. And, when it was fixed there was something else, and time went on for a while and this resulted in that the album lost its character and earlier versions was gone which lead to that we said; “fuck it” and thought no more of it until by chance we found one of the earlier versions, just like that, the interest for the album was back.

Why the band name Ymer/Ymir?
I chose the name Ymir based on that that I'm very interested in Norse mythology. The name itself carries a strong impression. Ymir was the biggest giant of them all, the so-called world giant. Ymir was born through the fire from Muspelheim and the frost from Niflheim. And it was also from the parts of Ymir's body that Odin, together with his brothers fashioned the Earth. So, I thought that the name itself was a fitting name for a Viking rock band.

You say that Ymer is a bit more personal.
Ymer was in the beginning more personal when it was supposed to be my solo project. The lyrics were more personal from the start. It was supposed to be a new Swedish Viking rock band with national romantic lyrics. But after that I received help from other musicians, I can’t say that it is a solo project anymore. And I have re-written the lyrics a bit. And in retrospect, I can say it was a really good choice.

Why did Vit Legion split up?
Since our last album “Rock Against Zionism” was released in 2009 with Vit Legion, has the band more or less been on ice, I usually say. The last record company we cooperated with in at that time (Nordvind Records) went to the grave, we stood for many years without any label. We also had fewer gigs than previous years. Generally speaking, gigs overall has slowed down in Sweden for the past few years. Which I personally think is very sad. But there seems to be new winds blowing now. It is anyway the feeling I have.

Then we had members who have not really pulled in the same direction. Vit Legion has always had problems with dropouts during our 14 years as a band. It became just too much. Which takes an incredible amount of energy. We always tried to found new ways to carry on, but the strong glow that previously existed within the band had slowly begun to cool down at the end of its existence. Simply too much negative energy. The joy in creating of music in Vit Legion was not there anymore. Sad but true. Therefore, Vit Legion went to the grave.

What do you think about using music as a propaganda tool?
Obviously, I think that music is a powerful propaganda tool. I would probably say that it is the strongest tool we humans have. Because when it comes to music you stimulate more of your senses, both by listening and reading! I think people embrace a message more easier through music, because music can be very emotional. A flyer would be read once, and then goes in the trashcan, unfortunately. More music to the people!