Interview with Defender

Defender is a new RAC band from Athens with members of previous Hellenic bands. They have just recorded their first full lenght album and will be out very soon. So we decided to do an interview with the bands guitarrist Chris.

Hi. Would you like to start with introducing yourself and the band Defender.

Hello brother, and nice to meet you. I am Chris the guitarist of the band and ex member of Filopatria, as George the drummer too. Dimitris the bassist was playing in No Surrender for a while, and on vocals is Trifonas. We are friends since a long time ago. So, we talked about to share our thoughts, beliefs and moments, through music.


Describe the feeling you have now right before the release of your debut.

We have played music for many years, and this feeling remains the same. It’s like to have record for first time and to wait for the final result. Yes, we can’t wait to have our debut CD. We will take part in some compilations too, so we are in studio working and recording for all projects.

"Fly the Flag'' is the name of the album. What can we expect from it?

''Fly the flag'' will contain 10 songs where most of them are in English and 2 that will be in Greek. I think that It’s a really good work, because all of us we got same influences and we have a perfect connection between us. The style is Skinhead rock - Oi! and we play what we love to hear ... this is our music.



How did the merge between you and the German company Old-School Records went?

When we started to search for a label, as a ''new band'' and because we are from Athens (Greek scene now is not so famous), we send a lot of emails but no one answered back. Times are difficult, and risks are big for a label now, so we understand it, and at the end we had conversation between us if we could publish it by ourselves. After a while send us an email through our page on Facebook a lad that he is working with Oldschool, and he said that they were interested. He liked a lot our self-titled song, so we arranged everything. They are great guys, and we have had a good contact all the time. And as I said before we can’t wait to have it published.


How would you like to describe the situation in Greece today?

It’s like more or less like in the rest of Europe. Here in Greece we are a little bit different in the mentality from other countries. I’ve travel a lot and I’ve seen things that European countries have accept and adapt in their society, things that here in Greece are impossible to happen, at this moment. For example, in Europe now there are many official mosques around big and small cities, where people have accepted them in their everyday living and in the society... Here in Athens government have been fighting for a long time to fix the first, and people just don’t accept it. This is a little example that we are back 20 years in the mentality from rest of modern Europe, you know what I mean. General situation is shit, with our left government that have betrayed even the ''left side'' voters (and this is very funny for us) by following the political stance of Merkel and Schauble, spreading lies and keeping the zionist plan alive, by accepting ''refugees”, in a poor country, in the middle of crisis, leaving Greek people alone to survive as they can, same time that they give all benefits to “refugees” ... They strike against us through ''European laws'', we got a debt loan that our grandchildren will pay off and so it goes on... I can’t see other solution with the democratic way, except of a local civil war. This is what I see as a solution. I can’t believe that things are difficult only for now, but it’s sure that things will be more difficult and worse every year, especially for us. The only good is that people see it and nationalism has been rising a lot. We hope for the best.


And how would you like to describe the movement?

Golden dawn is the 3rd political party in the parliament at this moment. This is the example that you can see that Greek people have been waking up a lot. They said “fuck off” to the 2 parties that have ruined Greece from the 70's till now. This is good. Bad is that I don’t know why and who did that, we are many nationalists, just that we are divided. Some are GD, other support another smaller parties, other another and another. This is the fault for some people that turned the personal issues to common problem, also we got new modern points of view in the movement, and all this situation I don’t think that is ''by luck'' ... An old friend of mine had a quote ''In everything that you think that you did for first time and that you will turn down the whole system, the monsters in black have the answer for it, and they laugh at you.'' This is what we got in Greece now, many nationalists, a nationalist party in the parliament, and unfortunately no Unity between us. I hope someday to find the right path, to kick out from the movement all trash and to do something common and powerful, for our country and for Europe.


Are you active in anything besides music?

I got a precious family, so my main activity is work, family, music and sports. I am an amateur boxer of Panathinaikos as my little son too (he is 6 years old), so we are together in this and I like it a lot. Rest of the lads, got their jobs, their families, they are going to the gym and we have our band that unites us all.


Which bands are active?

If you mean which Greek bands are active now, as far I know, we are and a new band named White Demons (a project of No Surrender and Social Defeat members with Steve Drakos of Skrewdriver era). I hope to have more people involved in music at the future and new bands to come.


Which bands do you listen to?

I listen a lot of Oi!, RAC of the 80's till now, also I love the punk scene of '77 and after, as I like some psychobilly stuff. Bands such as Skrewdriver, Cock Sparrer, No Remorse, ABH, Business, Last resort, Vengeance, Celtic Warrior, Freikorps, Endstufe, Bunker 84, Brutal Combat are some of them ... List is big, I could be writing for a long time my friend. Music has always been a part of myself, in good times, bad times, always was there for me.


Any other inspirations, like historical or live persons, books or movies and so on?

I am Greek, so my biggest inspiration is my ancient legacy. Something that they want to delete from us, thru political correctness and modern society. Big inspiration is our freedom fighters and our revolution of 1821 against the Turks. Theodoros Kolokotronis was our leader, and it was something that no one believed in Europe that we would do, but we did it. I like history a lot and I like to read, because in Greek schools, as a student, you don’t learn the whole truth. Adolf Hitler was the last that fought the snake, because he saw what would happen in Europe. I give a lot of respect in his sayings and his acts. The problem here in Greece is that all people, including patriots too, are anti nazis, because in schools from young boys till the universities they teach us what they want us to believe. As we know from history, zionists used us to fight the Germans, in a war, that Greece couldn't afford in this period of time. At the end we were the main reason that Hitler waste a lot of time in Greece, and they went out of their schedule plans, going in Soviet and fight the worst enemy, in Russian winter. By the way, war is war, but you need to look deeper in that. I strongly believe that Greece should be in the Axis, and things then would have worked out different for Europe now. I admire also Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera and Ramiro Ledesma, for their national syndicalism, Codreanu, and all of the white people that stood up for their beliefs, against the snake. I also admire Japan, and we must not forget that they were our allies in fighting zionism, and their history as a race is big too. Myiamoto Musashi was a real bad ass hero, and his book of five rings is a masterpiece. I see a lot of movies, but I don’t like any political involve in this, as they have ruined everything. 300 was a good one, but Alexander the great was a shitty propaganda from fuckin Hollywood, by making him gay and to be in love with his friend Hefaistion.... what I will see to this one? Most of stupid people that they don’t know history or they don’t want to learn the truth, they just see and learn history from Hollywood ... they brainwashing them and this is one of their biggest weapons.


What keeps you motivated?

No matter who you are and what you have done in your life, how many muscles or tattoos you got, for me in 2016, the biggest fight that you give is to try to have a family. That keeps me motivated, I am responsible to give all efforts and to guide my son, so he will not be their good slave in the future... This is very difficult my friend, it’s an everyday struggle, I am dedicated to it and my best joy is to see that at in the end of the day I did it. Schools and modern shit and rotten society hit from very young ages, so kids to be anti traditional, and full their brains in sickness. Also, they want to take out all the warrior's DNA, so they will not have a reaction / resistance in the future. They hit you thru food chain as well, you have to take care a lot my friend, but in the end, you have to do something good. My respect to all everyday real warriors that got families.


Thank you for your time, and good luck with the release! Any last words you would like to share with our readers before we end this interview?

I must thank you too for the contact and the support my friend. I just want to say that no one is perfect, but we must follow the way that we know that is better to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

Thank you mate.

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