Interview with DDT

An interview with an Italian Identity Rock band from Milan, that surely makes a huge contribution to the baggage of all alternative music! Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce DDT.


Would you like to start with a background story of how it all begin?

The group was born in Milan in 1998. We were four members of “Fronte della gioventù” and we met there. Then we decided to found a music group...


How would you like to describe the situation in your area?

From a musical point of view, the situation is good. In Italy, there are more concerts and more groups than fifteen years ago. And the quality grows up.


What has been your influences and goals for DDT?

Our influences? All the Italian alternative music from 1975 to 1995… In particular: Amici del Vento, 270bis, ADL 122 and others….


What does your band name mean?

DDT means “Dodicesima disposizione transitoria”. It is a law prohibiting the re-constitution of the fascist party.

In your song "A Fiume" I can hear the famous incitatory "Eia, Eia! Alalà!" by Gabriele D'Annunzio. How is this motto used today?

In fact, the motto is not used much today. But we wanted to remember D'Annunzio and his Legionaries.


You have made a tribute song dedicated to Maria Pasquinelli. Can you tell us about who Maria was?

Maria was a woman who in 1947 killed a British general to protest the passage of Istria from Italy to Yugoslavia after the end of World War II.



Do you have except ideology any other focus on material matters, affect the making of art greatly?

No ... our songs are influenced by our way of thinking, and also from everyday life.


It is 4 years now since you released "Retrocarica". How has the album been received by the listeners?

We are delighted about the feedback that Retrocarica has received. It is our third album and we tried to make a disk different from the other two.


Do you have been working on any new material?

Yes! We hope to publish the new album next year. We are working on it....


I see that you have been touring a lot. What is the best with live performance?

Live shows are very important for us. The most beautiful thing is meeting again old friends and getting to know new people.


And if any organizers would like to book DDT for a gig. What is the best way to get in contact with you?

It is quite simple! Our email is This is the best way to contact us.


What keeps you motivated?

Next year we will be 20 years old. We are still here. We still have many things to say and many songs to play ....


Thank you so much for your time. Last words are all yours.

Thanks to you. And we hope to come soon to your country. Eia Eia Alalà!!

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