Interview with Orgullo Sur

An Oi! band from Puerto Montt, Chile, formed in 2006. The name translates as 'Southern Pride', referring to their city's location in the south of Chile, as well as South America. Here follows an interview with the band.

Hello! Maby we shall start with you give us a background story of your band.
First of all, thank you very much for the interest in our band.
The band was born in 2006, in a village in Chilean Patagonia, fed up with the same old music that was in Chile at the time, we (Willy and Patty) decided to start a band with an Oi!, Skinhead Sound with Nationalistic lyrics.
After several changes of both drummer and new guitarists, in 2008 we moved to a larger city in southern Chile (Puerto Montt), and we had a fixed formation until 2015, with which from then until now we recorded all the works that many know.

The current line up is: Willy: Guitar and Voice, Patty: Bass and vocals, Carlos: Guitar and Javier: Drums.

How would you like to describe Chile for us on the other side of the continent?

Chile is a beautiful country, long and narrow territory, full of history and tradition, a country very rich in culture and landscapes, especially in our Patagonia that today suffers of rewritings of our history by Zionists.
We are a fighting country, that despite all the natural catastrophes, we know how to rise and get ahead, we are in solidarity with our compatriots, and rather enemies of the invaders of our land.
In our south the culinary art is spectacular, seafood and fresh fish, lover of the meat and the red wine. (Only to combat the cold jajajja).
There is a lot of artisanal and sport fishing in our area, because we have many rivers that provides us this.
If you will take a visit here just let us know and we can have some typical party. We have had visits from Germany, Italy and others, and they have come again...

Would you give us a bibliography of your releases?

    2010 / Días de Gloria 7”/ Shout Proud Records (Germany)

    2010 / Salud por los Skinheads CD / Pure Impact Records (Belgium)

    2012 / Por Siempre Skinhead 7”/ This Means WAR (spain) Southerner Records (Chile)

    2012 / A tribute to British Oi! 7” & CD / Mother Fucking Sounds Records (England)

    2013 / Split With Légitime Violence 7” / Hostile Class Records (USA)

    2013 / Rehearsal 2012 TAPE / This means WAR (Spain)

    2013 / Botas & Violencia 7” (RE por siempre Skinhead) / This Means WAR (Spain) / Southerner Records

    2014 / Sureño, Rural y Brutal CD / Raise your Hammer Records (Germany)

    2014 / Split with The Prideful 7” / This Means WAR (spain)

    2015 / Untitled 12” EP / Ravens Call Records (Portugal)

    2015 / Singles & Rarities 2006-2015 / Old School Records (Germany)

    2015 / Tribute to MISTREAT – Made in Finland / Arcabuz Records (Brazil)

    2016/ Split with Smart Violenc 7"/" - Anticom inter. /Old school Records (Germany)

    2017/ Justicia y Libertad / Revuelta 7" acoustic live session / ravens call records (portugal)

    Plus (Compilations Oi! Ain´t Red records –  United Skins for freedom speech VOL. I / VOL. II )

What was it that made you choose this path in life with this kind of music?

For us to be skinhead is the whole life, and so is the political position within the movement, we are not anticommunist just for a being, that goes much further. In our daily life, we ​​are social people, we believe that true socialism has to unmask the lies of Zionism, we cannot give them free throws with all the defamation they want to put on us for having our political opinion. We will never stop being Skinheads, never walk around the back and preach like the enemy. This Is what we like, to sing out to the warlike and nationalistic youth, to show them that we are without fear of what other people think of us, we are going to tell the young people that this is not an option, it is our life!
This path is not chosen, forged or built – it is a duty.
We are the voice of the nationalist and patriotic class of the country. We are the third position and we will never stop making music, it is our weapon!


What are your musical influences? Do you prefer older or new breed bands?

The musical influences have always came from old bands, because we always wanted to do Oi! with a classic sound, and we have achieved it in our first works; but now also listening to new bands. We have realized that we are right in an generation of good bands and the most important – active ones.
Our musical influences to name a few are: Skrewdriver, Combat Flag, Brutal Attack, The Business, Endstufe, Freikorps, Jocke Karlsson & Bands, Peggior Amico, Ultra Sur, The Hawks, Lusitanoi!, Skullhead, Arresting Officers, and more.

Can you introduce to our readers your songs and topics of them?
It would be very broad to talk about each of our songs because there are many truths, even I do not know how many.
But if we can talk about our themes of letters.
Our songs in our first works spoke of soccer and violence, also of patriotism and skinheads.

In the works of the last 4 years, the songs speak against the communism and its lies, also of the situations that our country passes with the Zionist , And also on nationalism, delivering a message of identity and respect for our nation.
Some songs also have Skinheads themed, and against the fucking political fuckers that plunge our nation day by day, making it a prostitute nation, where anybody comes and exploits our people, and then leaves it with their pockets full.
Some lyrics are against drugs that pollute our youth and transform them into zombies.

I can hear that some of your songs is about (including your band name) love and pride of your city and country. Please tell us more about your city; pubs, people, sights, activities, sports, beer and so on from a nationalist point of view.

Well, our town is Beautiful, a Port, full of old bars that offer you the best food from our country's sailors, lots of red wine and artisan beers, the food in the south mixes flavors. You can do a barbecue, pork, beef and chicken, accompanied by seafood. It is a damn calorie bomb.
Regarding soccer, well our team is in the second division, but the passion remains the same, both in good and in bad times. Our stadium is always full to encourage the local team, and even more knowing that we have the southernmost stadium in the world. And the only one with sea view.
The beer, well here are many small factories of artisan beers, small but very good beers, made with pure water from our Patagonia, which is already a plus, and also good because so, the great mafias of company breweries they are losing customers, since those are made with lots of chemicals, and garbage. ALWAYS BUY THE LOCAL BREWER!
We are port peoples, people of effort and very patriotic, very affectionate too, here the people show the affection with the food, if there is something that you can never do here, is not to eat everything that is served on the plate, or else it is a lack of respect for the homeowner, is like being disdainful of food.
What I like about Puerto Montt is that people are patriotic and distrustful, I remember that some years ago they burned tents with gypsies, it was fun, the truth is that the people of the south hate them and there is always violence.
For all this we are proud to be from the south!

You did recently release a split-album together with this great Italian band Nessuna Resa. Tell us more about this release and how did you came in contact with Nessuna Resa and how do you like the cooperation?
Yes, it is already out this 12 "EP, together with the Italian band Nessuna Resa, is a two songs per band-album. A long time ago we had contact with Adam the vocalist and guitarist of the band, we always exchange records, and we have always talked about doing a split together, until the label THIS MEANS WAR from Spain told us we are going to do it in a 12 ", a vinyl limited edition.
We are very happy with this split, two nationalist bands in a single MLP, with similar melodic sound and direct lyrics, what more can you ask for? I think it's a perfect Split, it will soon be on sale and you can draw your own conclusions.

You have also participated with a song to a compilation album, "Tribute to Mistreat" where you have interpreted a Mistreat-song in your native language. What was it that made you want to participate on this Tribute?

Mistreat is a mythical RAC / Oi band! For us it was an honor to participate on an official tribute for this great band. The idea of making the versions in native languages was the label, we asked to participate and made the songs in Spanish, we worked hard to be in the category of Mistreat and we got it, good sound and without losing the original theme of the songs.
When we were told that we was going to participate in this tribute it was great, we got us in to work very hard for this.. 

How is it with live gigs in Chile? And do you play often?

In Chile we play very little, people here are more worried about the gossip and that shit, than buying original records and supporting the bands. But we play once a year here, at a private concert with invitations. But we are playing very often in South America, Brazil, Argentina and preparing new trips through USA and Mexico.

What kind of role models do you have in life that inspires you?

I like very much to carry in my daily life the model of Benito Mussolini, I think that towards with a real socialism, patriotic, and identity, maybe you can not make it 100%, because we are in another time, and another country, but I try to Take it in my daily LIFE, and my actions.

What keeps you motivated?

My family, my wife and my daughter, are my engine, my heart, my guide, they are the two that make me continue writing and composing for the band.
They are also the members of this great family PRIDE SOUTH, which are an important pillar in my life.
I think that continuing to fight in a ruined world keeps me on my feet, because it's because of them!
My blood, my country, my family, my identity!

Thank you very much for the interesting transparency. Hope to hear more from you released very soon. Any last words you want to say to your Swedish listeners?

Many thanks to you for the interest to our band.
A greeting to the great Swedish nation, I greatly admire your respect for nature and land, and also the pride and nationalism that represent the world, we hope to visit your land someday!
Keep the faith and never forget that the "REAL Oi! IS NOT FOR REDS "!!

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PS: I will share a new recorded song from a split with the Argentine band Fides Skins, that will be released in 12" EP, by the label Raven's Call Records ,Very soon!!




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