Interview with Post Mortem

In 2015 finally a full-lenght album was released from these spanish guys who after thier only previous release have been a 5-track-mini-album; "Por los momentos vividos".
Without much ado, the music is a classic sound of Hispanic RAC just as we like it. So we dicided to make a short interview with the guys behind the band Post Mortem.
Hello guys! Thanks for doing this interview for us. Can you please give us a brief history of Post Mortem?
The history of the band is very long, more than 8 years with many ups and downs (definitive losses in the components of the group, temporary low for labor issues, ...). To summarize, we say that the initial training really is only drummer who has seen all these years. Since the first concert that gave us maintain drummer and a guitar player. During all this time we had different partners and currently have full training with which we hope to keep. We are five components (almost all have played in other formations) that besides being band mates, we are friends..
How is it in Madrid and Spain today?
It is a difficult time for the patriotic people. we are persecuted, maligned and condemned. IN MADRID WE ARE governed by a leftist politicians. you can imagine the consequences.
So it is not easy being a nationalist in Spain?
its only easy when there are football matches and olimpic games. All people say "Im spanish" but day by day this people forgets his origins.
Tell us a little about you new album, ”Controlado”. How has it been received?
after a break of music movement in spain, this year has been a great year for the nationalist music. People wanted new things. the disc (Controlado) has been received very well, in 4 months have sold 600 cds and critics have been very good. 
Why have you decided to release your albums by yourself?
Here in Spain there is no support from record companies. It costs a lot to create a good album and so we decided to take it out on our own. It has been recorded and produced by a good recording studio but we have sent manufacture .
How about live gigs? Have you been playing many concerts?
between 2015 and 2016 we played in more than 15 different sites. We have traveled to France (white christmas) and now to Italy (Boreal fest).
What bands have been a pleasure to share stage with?
It has been a pleasure to play with all the bands. every concert you learn something new.
Please enlighten our readers, and tell us what you have been listening to lately?
Each component likes bands and different styles. There are good jobs as Irreducibles, Jolly Rogers, Hobbit, not to mention other good Spanish bands like Batallon de Castigo, Estirpe Imperial...
How is the Nationalist movement in your area? And do you support any organisations?
People are awakening as in the rest of Europe, there are new movements that collect food, clothing, home homeless pleople... 
So what are the future plans for Post Mortem?
We want to move forward with more concerts, more new songs and more records.
How can our readers contact you?
MSN:  TWITTER: @postmortemband INSTAGRAM: postmortemband Y FACEBOOK: Post Mortem
Thank you and good luck! Any last comments for our readership?
Thanks for the interview and long live to nationalist music!