Interview with Lightning Rod

In 1988, American White Nationalist David Custer formed a record label called MSR Productions. He formed its first band, a solo project called "David Hess" and released a 6-song cassette titled "David Hess" the same year. He sang, played guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. In 1990, a 7" single consisting of three songs, two penned by Custer, was released, called "David Hess". The two Custer-written songs, "Genetic Debris" and "The New Enemy" would be revisited on later albums.

In 1991, he released a 7" single called "White Liberation", containing three tracks, also written by him. This was the first use of the Lightning Rod name. It was followed by a six-song cassette, Aryan Homeland, a year later Aryan Homeland included a new version of "Genetic Debris".

1993 saw the release of the Aryan Outlaws in a Zionist Police State six-song CD. The following year, a four-song CD, "White Uprising", came out. In February 1996, Custer released a compilation of bands signed to MSR called "Leaderless Resistance". It included two new Lightning Rod songs, "Angry" and "Make a Statement". In November 1996, Custer reissued the compilation due to a dispute with Jim Crow, the guitarist and main songwriter for the death metal/hardcore punk group Vaginal Jesus, who had three songs on the original compilation. The compilation removed the VJ songs and included a new lightning rod song, "Gook".

In 1997, Lightning Rod's debut album, More Evil than a Hollywood Jew, was released. It contained three new songs, the tracks from Leaderless Resistance, White Uprising, four tracks from Aryan Outlaws, Aryan Homeland and White Liberation. In 1999, Aryan Homeland was reissued on CD with two new tracks: Mud(Slav)Oven Blues, which is a song about Vaginal Jesus, Crow's new project Mudoven and the grindcore band Anal Cunt, whose lead singer Seth Putnam was a session drummer on VJ's albums, and "I Wanna Be Happy".

To ring in the new millennium, two CD-singles were released: a two-track single entitled "Censored" and the three-song EP "The Only Way to Cure a Catholic". 2001 saw the issue of The White Man's Burden, a six-song EP containing the track "Boy George Burdi", a song about the Canadian ex-White Nationalist George Eric Hawthorne.

In 2004, the album "Slavs and Spooks, Greeks and Gooks", consisting of off-cuts from the 2000-2001 sessions, was released. Later in 2004, the album Cowboy and Folk Songs was issued, containing 12 songs, including a new version of "The New Enemy" from the David Hess 7".

Lightning Rod have not released any albums since then, but have added some new songs to the MSR website. 

Here follows an interview with David Custer.

Hello David, nice to get in touch with you. Would you like to give us an introduction of who you are?  
My name is David Custer, I am founder and singer of Lightning Rod. I am originally from Colorado, USA. My ethnic background is English and Irish.  

My directive in life is to help white people. I have been influenced by German nationalism and its leaders, along with Skrewdriver, David Duke, William Pierce, Rudyard Kipling and many others.   

My religious faith tends to be with the religions of pre-Christian Europe. But we cannot discount that our greatest achievements were when Christianity was the dominant faith. Was this in spite of Christianity, I don’t know? 
When and why did you came up with the idea of starting up Lightning Rod?  
The idea was to push the envelope a bit more in regard to racial awareness, moving away from the flatulent, grinding metal sound that has largely dominated the WP scene for years. One detractor is recalled asking, “Why does all White Power music sound like bad metal?”  

The actual lightning rod device attracts strikes or attacks, and I thought this would be a good name for the effort. Something to shake up the herd mentality and dogmatism that contaminates the racialist scene.  

Lightning Rod was the outgrowth of a 1980’s act called David Hess, which was also a racialist act.   

Please give us a discography of your releases.  
David Hess, cassette, 1988
White Liberation, vinyl EP, 1991
Aryan Homeland, cassette, 1992
Aryan Outlaws in a Zionist Police State, CD, 1993
White Uprising, CD EP, 1994
More Evil than a Hollywood Jew, CD, 1996
Aryan Homeland, Reissue in CD format with 2 bonus songs, 1998
Censored, CD EP; 1999
Slavs and Spooks, Greeks and Gooks, CD, 2000
The Only Way to Cure a Catholic, CD EP, 2001
The White Man’s Burden, CD, 2003
Cowboy and Folk Songs, CD, 2004
Obongo the Usurper, mp3, 2008
Wake up Crackers, mp3, 2009
I am the Man, mp3, 2014
Mudshark, mp3, 2015
Mrs. Kike, mp3, 2016 release date   

In which category would you put Lightning Rod in?  
Well, the band has performed in several categories: punk, power pop, county, electronic, folk.    

There was a big gap from Lightning Rod from 2004 until for a couple of years ago. Why?  
We were re-inspired by the advent of the Marxist Muslim mulatto, Obongo – the bastard son of the commie Negro, Frank Marshall Davis, and a teenage porn hag. Please see And there are many other sources on this matter. BTW, Obongo had a nose job in 2004 to make him look a bit less like his father.   

You appeared on the Tribute for Martin Cox last year. Can you tell about the cooperation of it and why you did want to support this?  
It was just a volunteer effort to help a person in need.   

Would you consider yourself more evil than a Hollywood jew?  
Not at all. Lightning Rod is on the side of the good and the fair. More Evil … was just a rhetorical phrase intended to draw attention to a parasitic cancer in our culture. 
Where do you came up with all this lyrics and titles like, “Tattoos and dick rings will never make you White”, “Living in the belly of the beast”, “Pygmies (they’re not just for breakfast anymore), “Obongo the usurper”?  
In general, the words are reflections of the happenings in the society. Tattoos … was a criticism of people who judge their racialism by the number of body mutilations they have accumulated.  Living in the belly … was based on experiences in the corporate and government work environment. Pygmies was a parody on Bono, of U2, who rabidly assists congoids in Africa. And Obongo is, of course, about the placement of a vile mulatto in the White House.
What is the background story between you and Mudoven? All things got official when you started to do songs about each other.  You even made a song about him “Mud (slav) oven blues” and Mudoven did “Lightning Rod - Your band fucking sucks and you are a fucking jew”.  
The pushy Slav, Paulie, of Slavoven, began attacking me during the development of the 1996 compilation, Leaderless Resistance. The slope-headed clown and many other subrace specimens were brought into our scene by Boy George Burdi. This hideous Armenian who played himself off as half Slav, half Italian made it legitimate for subhumans, including Turko-Greeks, Slavs, and who knows what else to be brought into our struggle -- with devastating results. 
What do you have against jews and catholics?  
Julius Streicher said on the gallows that the victory of Allies in World War II was the triumph of world jewrey. Ariel Sharon said during a speech in New York City, about 2000, that “The jews run America and America knows it.” The jews have totally taken us over, that’s what I have against them.  

I was raised in the Southwestern USA, where humans are Protestants and mestizos (Mexican-Indians) are Catholic. Later, I found out that all top Nazis, other than Speer and Goebbels, were Catholic. (This is based on my understanding. If someone has different information, please let me know.)   

What is the only way to cure a catholic?  
Haha, that is a rhetorical phrase from the 1920’s Klan, reportedly by a preacher in Oregon USA.   

You have made a song about George Burdi. Tell more about this song and about your thoughts about George Burdi.  
Boy George Burdi did more damage to our struggle than any other individual He was mentioned above. I just wanted to make a song about him, because many people, even now, do not really know what he represented or did.   

You also run the label MSR Productions. It must be nearly 30 years now? Please tell us about your label and how you have made it to stay alive through decades.
28 years to date. It was initially started to market David Hess music. MSR Productions focuses on racialist products. Honestly is the guiding principle of the business and many customers are happy with service. More importantly, I have actually kept it alive with my day jobs. The business has yet to make a profit, which sucks.
Some people want to know what MSR stands for. It stands for Mountain States Republic, an idea promoted in the 1980’s. The Mountain States Republic was to have been an Aryan Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.
What was the most recent book you read, and what did you think about it?  
“e-Start Your Web Store with Zen Cart, A Hands-On Guide for Entrepreneurs & Businesses.” Quite boring.   
And how is the future looking out for Lightning Rod?  
It will continue.   

Why are you so Angry?  
If you have been paying attention you are angry. 
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