Interview with Topi Neri

The group was formed in Vicenza, in 1993 by: Ambro (voice), Dario Bressan (guitar) and Enzo (guitar). The band released a demo “Generazione Novanta” (1994) and appear on the compilation "Fuori dal ghetto" (1995).
And in 2015 with a new line up they released their first full length album “Inciso nel cuore”. “Friendship and brotherhood cannot be explained. We must live them" can be read in the booklet. The album is a hymn to the life of those who still find the desire to smile and fight. So we at Midgård Magazine decided to get in touch with the band for an interview and to hear what lies ahead for Topi Neri.

In which part of Italy do you live?

We come from the northeast of Italy, precisely from a region named Veneto, city of Vicenza. And our beautiful singer from Verona.

And how would you like to describe your area political? How well do you know each other?

Our politically area, or nationalist area here in Italy; it's much active under various fronts. There is skinheads, various nationalist groups, and other people that live the nationalist politics in their towns. But substantially we know each other. For example, by the association names, or association's initiatives or politically projects and most personal.

What’s the best with working together?

Certainly, we work best with people from our area, and we are proud to have got a really brotherhood with guys from Milano and other related with Lealtà e Azione for example. But, we work around in Italy with other groups very well.

You have a kind of identity rock-traditionalist political nexus in your writings. What is this, and how does it inform your vision of the world that you reveal in your music?

Sure, we identify our traditional music specially in particular music born in Italy in 70's called "musica alternativa" (alternative music) that want to launch a message to guys that in those years called Nationalist or Fascists.

in our songs, written by our big poet Dario, soul and spirit of the band, we talk about our land, our people, our history and other of our Nationalist soul, or traditional family. But, we also sing about our passion and entertainment like tattoos, friends, beer and pubs.

What styles influences you?

We are influenced first by Italian bands of alternative music from 70's. Topi Neri was born 20 years ago playing covers of this period, acoustic and patriotic ballads. And outside Italy by various southern rock bands or southern singer like Donnie Van Zant. Sure, we have played and arranged our songs and also covers with our influence.

If you could escape this system, what would your alternative look like?

The alternative? Uuu it's not simple, I think that the humanity will be destroyed by his own hands, but hope there will be social justice.

Do not take this in a negative way. You have been around in many years, how come you have not released more stuff?

I know, we formed the bands 20 years ago. We recorded our first demo tape and then two tracks for a compilation with Tuono Records. Then we split up, for several reasons. Dario continued to play with other bands like Armco or play alone in acoustic. He is a great musician and composer. four years ago, we decide to gather the bands with other musicians. Bassist, female singer, and accordionist. in these years some musician changed, but the soul of the band remained.

I would love to hear more recorded songs from you. Any plans for that?

Now we just finished recording a new album, we think the release will be to January or February. Max.


What was it for each of you that got you on this path?

Friendship and love for our country and our people, the music's passion and fellowship... I think it's inside each of us.

What’s the best about doing live performance?

The spirit that you can created on the stage with your friends and musicians of the band. We can argue before the show, but when we get up on the stage we forget every dispute. and at the end we smile and hug. Then the best, it's when the audience singing our songs together with us. Knowing that you go back home with proudness in the heart, we have received this heat and sensation, specially in Milan but also in some other parts of Italy. We can like it or not!!! Hahahahahahhah

Thank you so much for your time. Any closing words out to our readers?

We want to thank you and all together for this space, and we hope you will like our new release. bye TOPI NERI

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