Interview with Blutbanner

Thier debut album was indexed (illegal), and has now released a second album "Sapere Aude" that takes off where the debut ended.
The debut was more primarily a ballad-album, so can Blubanner with their second piece of work not be as easy to put in a pigeonhole. It is very varied. Primarily you can expect professional rock music, some beautiful ballads with the intense vocal performance.
Lyrically you move back to a very good and very high level. No trodden beaten path, or contemporary themes, and encounters you with thought.
We have met up with Wiesel in the band have participated in this interview.
Hello Wiesel! Would you like to introduce yourself and the band Blutbanner?
Hello! I am Wiesel, guitarist from the band Blutbanner. I write the texts and I am the second voice in the band too. For the live-gig at the LiveH8 at 7th may in Germany we got 2 new guys for the drums and the bass guitar... know we are 5 musicians.
You released your second album under 2015. Are you satisfied with it?
Yes we are satisfied of course. The first disc was filled with ballads. "Sapere aude" has more variety in the songs with fast and slower parts. With the first and second voice, some people said that's not the same Blutbanner from the first album, of course not, we are at every time in a developing process.
I really like the title of it "Sapere Aude" (Dare to know). What was the reason to choose this title?
The short form of "Sapere Aude" from Immanuel Kant means: you have to be able to use your own mind, without the meaning and ideas of others.
You got a hot potato on the album, the song "Abendspaziergang" that is about Pegida. It is something that lots of nationalists have different opinion about. Would you like to describe your point of view of it?
We've got a big problem in Germany and Europe. Perhaps all around the world; the most people haven't a national feeling anymore. They can't reallize that our race or better we say, our culture to live and all thats whats with it, is going down. They don't care about it. In Germany is this problem harder, because we've got the "Frankfurter schule" with it's manipulating education. The mass of the people in Germany are antifascists, they hate nationalism. They can't explain why, except through traditional phrases from the left and so called democratic side.
Well, the other problem is, that the nationalists in Germany aren't a unity. Many organisations and parties with different opinions and so on. Additionally personal problems between the NS-people. Then we had this other problem; if some persons are interested in our meanings, this "normal" guys nearly never would do an action for the resistance or never would go to a "nazi-rally". With Pegida has come something new. We have had more than 30 000 germans on the streets, demonstrating for german rights and against the danger of the mass-immigration of muslims!
Yes, I belive sometimes you have to play with those cards in your hand, even if the cards are bad.
We have now a frontline between the germans who like to be german and the rest of all the people who's loving the multicultural. Actually it's not important, if Pegida maybe is paid by the US or not, we know, that the US-government and the BRD government are working on the civil war between whites and muslims in Europe. The important thing now is that we have a new national feeling!
One of my favorite songs on the album is "Goldenes Morgenrot" that is about Golden Dawn. Which song or songs are you most pleased with?
My favorite songs are "Erinnerung" and "Brüder im geiste"!
You have stuck with Malte at Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede for your releases. How is it to work with GKS?
GKS is a good label. We have been working together since many years back, without bigger problems. All right.
Some of you also work with other projects like Hunting Season, Jungsturm, Rotte Charlotte. Would you like to tell us a little about these bands?
We all play in several bands. It has really been a nice time with the other guys and the gigs we have had has been in nearly every part of this world. Now we are a little bit older and we have not the time anymore to make gigs every weekend. Actually i can't say so much about the other bands. Well, except Jungsturm is no more, we put Jungsturm together with Blutbanner.
Which one of those are the most active?
The most active is I think is Blutbanner now. I don't know if Rotte Charlotte will follow. I can't imagine it. And Hunting Season maybe will make a new album in the future, we'll see...
Where did the idea came from to make a crossover togheter with N'socialist soundsystem?
That was an idea of NSS. I like it.
How is the process of composing music, both instrumental and theme?
I'll start with writing the texts and then we start to create the music together.
How is it with live gigs?
We'll play now at the LiveH8 in may. maybe it will be the first and the last gig this year, we'll see...
What are your expectations for 2016?
For 2016... hm.. first of all the live-gig and in the summer we'll start to create a new disc!
Thank you for the interview.

Indexeringslista för mars, 2016

Under mars månad så hände det inte så mycket.
Tag der deutschen Zukunft gick från Lista B till Lista A.
och Projekt Pommernsturm – Der 3. Streich har blivit beslagtagen.

Interview with Irreductibles/Jolly Rogers

Irreductibles and Jolly Rogers are two bands of different styles of nationalist rock from Barcelona who released their first shared album. We at Midgård Magazine found this split-album outstanding and wants to give these guys more attention with this interview. Enjoy.
Hello! Can you give us a brief run down of the band and it's current line-up at present?
At the first time we played only as "Irreductibles" but later we decided to make a different project inside the scene and with the help of two mates we started "Jolly Rogers"... the thing was going on and we produced 5 songs and played some gigs in Barcelona. Once upon a time the band was near to split an then we decided to record our work "Confesiones a puertas del infierno" along "Irreductibles".
After we record the CD the line up changed but the spirit of the band is the same... the bass player, drummer and first guitar were replaced by closed mates for continue the project.
 Can you tell us about your new excellent split-CD 'Confesiones a las Puertas del Infierno'. Why a split? And what is the difference between Jolly rogers and Irreductibles?
As we said before, the band almost disapears, so we felt sorry about that and we didn't want to forget our songs and we decided to record 5 songs for each band and make a shared CD with Irreductibles, because we share both bands.
About the shared CD, we are very proud and happy about the acceptance of the people as well for Jolly Rogers as Irreductibles too, every new notice about us is a good notice, a high number of agrupations who want that we play in their gigs, CD and merch sellings were awesome, etc... And about the last question, the difference between bands we think that are very evident, Irreductibles is a band with songs more listened in the nationalist scene and is musically harder, in Jolly Rogers we wanted to bring a genre that is scarce in the nationalist music, a kind of street rock with lyrics about the day to day, giving more importance to the melody of voice… there are days that you want listen something different and that was the intention, make some different.
The name Jolly Rogers. It is a very common name. Don't you think it would be hard for people to find your band?
We don't believe that find us could be difficult because we got a Facebook page and with our work in the streets people start to know us…. We wanted a name with something related to our city , with the sea etc and after shuffling several names decided this .
Would you like to walk us through the lyrics to us that not understand the spanish language?
In our songs we talk about a bit of everything… we talk about our city (Barcelona) and the moments and remembers we have about her (Bcn) we have lyrics about what is for us the friendship and the importance about it, anecdotes about our childhood or when we were teenagers, that’s why we did Nunca Caminarás Solo and Alma Marinera. We do a cover of a Spanish pop band being that it speaks about all the strikes you can have in your whole live, and even so you resist and you follow your way or that we still firm with our ideas no matter who cares about it. And the Sonia’s theme is dedicated to the sister of our singer, who died in a plane accident while she was fighting against fire in the forest… rest in peace, always in our heart.
This could not be the first time you guys use some instruments? Have you done any work before this? Or are you active in other bands as well?
Two of us played in "Tercios" around 2002 and we record a Cd but the band split for personal reasons…the rest played in differents spanish RAC-bands like Impertinencia, KronoS, Arjuna or Irreductibles… we are everywhere hahaha! everything is for the scene, we don’t want that it to disappear and we make everything we can to make it!
The spanish music scene seems to have hard to find it's way out of Spain. But this split really had a good start from day one? Did you se that comming?
First of all we don’t believe spanish nationalist bands had problems to go outside Spain to play, there were a lot of good bands, as Estirpe Imperial, División 250, Klan, Batallón de Castigo, etc… the problem here is that nowadays is easier, more comunication with other countries and associations and make it easier.
About the question of our CD, the truth is that we are very happy with the reception in Europe and America specially as well as gigs that we had and we will have in the future out of Spain, and no, you never know how it will be, the reception but we only can give thanks to you all because we are very happy, as well as the reaction of the people and the realisation of the CD.
How is it with Spain particualry. Wich bands are still active, and which should we keep our eyes open for?
n Spain, under our point of view, always have been good bands with a huge route and many CD’s in the streets… but yes, it’s true that nowadays there are more bands in active. This past 2015 was awesome as well as in recorded CD’s, as bands that they are recording and as bands that are giving a lot of gigs.
Irreductibles, Arjuna, Impertinencia, Post Mortem, Celtiberia, Ivs Gladii, KronoS, Hispanica, Jolly Rogers, 1ª Vanguardia, Los Guripass are the most active but we can’t forget Batallón de Castigo or Estirpe Imperial, being that always and we hope they never split up, bring to us a new CD every certain time.
You have to look in all bands… every one have their own stile and something that engages you every time you listen to them. It’s very difficult to mention only one band because everyone of us have different favorite stiles of music.
Your are from Barcelona. What is the best, and the worst with your city?
For us Barcelona is awesome, good weather, the sea, etc… the best of city is impossible to say, but the beaches and opened air restaurants (chiringuitos) with a good cold beer… it’s incomparable!!
The worst is something that we live nowadays… the separatism, as well in Barcelona as entire Catalonia and also mention the inmigration theme but it’s a problem in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm,... in entire Europe. FUCK ISLAM!!!!
From Sweden it is very easy to travel to Barcelona. What must a nationalist visit, experience in Barcelona if we travel to your city?
You can’t miss Antoni Gaudí masterpieces. Sagrada Família, La Pedrera (Casa Milà), Parc Güell… The Liceo theater, La Rambla, Montjuic, the military museum, THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SPANISH BLUE DIVISION (Divisón Azul or 250), and a lot of museums about history, art, and science. There is a cemetery with fallen comrades in fight with the División Azul against Russia and other battles in Second World War too.
Have you experienced any from the migrant invasion the last couple of months?
Personally and with our nearest friends no, only the regrettable things we see on tv, like Paris or Brussels attempts, violations Germany and in your Sweden,... and the bullying in all Europe.
It had to be stopped many years ago… but it’s not a surprise, we saw that coming...
What do you think is the best a nationalist can do in this situation?
Keep the faith. Support nationalist folk, fight for your country and for Europe. Not the UE, the real Europe. Maybe the Third World War is near disguised in Islamism and Sionism, and we have to be one. No matter Christianism, Paganism or other religions. It’s for Europe, our ancients, our History and our future, for us and our childrens. Keep the faith, work your brain and your body, don’t be afraid, this is our time. Our grandparents fought for Europe and its unity… it’s our time.
Is there any recurrent shows in Spain you could sugest to show up on?
You can’t miss Ritorno of Camelot!
When can we expect anything from you in the future? New recordings, live gigs perhaps?
We have very clear our future, we're working in a new CD, that for sure!! We want to bring it this 2016. And gigs of course as well as national or international!!
Thank you for your time! Any last words to Sweden before we end this interview?
Thanks for the support and for your interview, for us is glad to see that we have attention outside Spain.